510-action replay dsi (1)
Yugo with bayonet


it doesn't MATTER if its a TV show, novel, movie, or video game! Post MLG stuff and all that crap!

Post-38373-0-74325000-1428942871 (1)

Retro stuff is allowed too! Pics very related!


* Use the best banter that you can think of

  • If you have any hats on you, always tip them to m'lady
  • Doritos go great with almost anything.
  • Screw Pewdiepie! Long live Markplier!
  • Quickscope or Noscope: the eternal question.
  • Joints of weed go great with shades!
  • Gabe shall see us through!
  • Don't be afraid to show your power level when appropriate.
Cartridge vs card

P.S. FUCK the HYPOCRITE that is Rainbows& UFs!!!

And screw the at times redditard levels of power abuse that some of the Admins, Patrollers, and a few of the Bureaucrats of the SU wikia! UP YOURS, LENHI AND WIZARD, FOR ABUSING YOUR STAFF ABILITIES IN THE GUISE OF CIVILITY!!

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