This is not meant to be completely taken seriously.

 My list of cuck idiots, and asspricks, who may or may not make the world a better place by getting hanged, exiled, or cut up into lifeless pieces:

  • Keemstar: Massive assprick who feeds off fandom and forum drama much like A LEECH! Well known for being the host of Drama Alert. Got banned from 
  • Meghan Trainor: Fatavist cuck and hypocrite
  • Poorle: Former Cmod of SU wikia, now a non-staff user who eventually went down the path of an assprick fucktard! He mainly shitposts primarily via stirnerposts and "spookbuster" images with related text. Has been known to be an utter smartass and trolly douchebag. Much of the trolling he does is not even that funny! Plus, he may be a marxist piece of crap "All I wanna do is wish for a white genocide tbh" (though the latter may be him just larping) May be a recipient of favoritism from Support Admin Twizzler. 
  • Jab: Admitted Marxist sympathizer cuck who makes excuses for what communist regimes(examples: Soviet-era Russia, Castroist Cuba, Mainland China since mid 1949) have done. Also known as Everfree Rat. Can be found on Tumblr and sometimes 
  • Rarichan: Braindead femicunt who can be found on the SU and MLP wikia. Still bellieves that feminism isn't dead. 
  • 78001987: Atariage user who is a cuck. Thinks that 99% of the Pre-IP sale Star Wars EU is garbage, and that Kathleen Kennedy is GOOD FOR STAR WARS! 
  • GentleGamer: Anti-Gamergate cuck who actually thinks that GG is anti-female in and of its self; Also is thin-skinned towards eroge like many modern feminists are because "MUH triggers!" "MUH PRIVLIGE" SHIT GARBAGE!
  • Hiroyuki: Current admin.  UTTER ASSPRICK who LIED ABOUT SERVER COSTS, and let /pol/ and /v/ to be further screwed up BY THE CURRENT MODERATOR TEAM ALONG with most CURRENT JANITORS!! 
  • Anita Sharkeesian: Vile FEMICUNT BITCHCUNT who has brainwashed millions upon milliions of MEN AND WOMEN OF DIFFERENT RACES and ages into the scam of "Social Justice" and Social/Cultural Marxism!
  • Raspbery Pi Twitter account person: Weak-minded Cuck
  • Webmaster(s?) of BRAINDEAD CUCKS AND LYING ASSPRICKS! Imbeciles who promote "rape culture" bullshit and blatantly make excuses for Communist crimes against humanity.
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Fresh noose


"Spooked" my ASS!